Observers' Walks

Patrick Staff

Patrick Staff
To Those in Search of Immunity

Please be aware this work contains explicit content of a sexual nature and is only suitable for adults.

Patrick Staff is an interdisciplinary artist who works with film, installation, dance and performance to investigate dissent, labour and the queer body. Through collaborative projects their work explores the ways that stories of counter-cultures and radical activity have been told and retold, particularly in relation to both the material and social constitution of the body.

To Those In Search of Immunity draws on Patrick’s research into the ecology and botanical formations of Calton Hill. Written, scored and narrated by the artist, the audio melds essay, memoir, spoken
word, and rhythmic soundscape to examine illness, health, and both the communal and individual body. Historical, scientific, and botanical narrative is punctuated, perhaps contaminated by, stories of messy, leaking bodies, weeds, and nocturnal encounters.

Rooted in Calton Hill’s position as a site for municipal buildings, along with numerous political and scientific monuments, Patrick’s narrative employs the disruptive potential of overgrowing weeds, traveling diseases, bodily fluids and our human contributions to unexpected ecologies. Exploring ideas of immunity and the possible effects of ingestion and the constitution of substances on the body, Patrick’s Observer’s Walk reflects social concerns such as: sex, gender and the construction of community.

Composer: Patrick Staff
Sound Engineer: Jules Gimbrone
Clarinet and Alto Sax Musician: Logan Hone Supervising Sound Editor: Tom Sedgwick

A limited edition scented print has been created by Patrick to accompany the commission and is available to buy from Collective's shop.

Patrick Staff's recent exhibitions, screenings and performances include: On Venus, Serpentine Gallery, 2019; Greater Together, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne, 2017; Weed Killer, MOCA, Los Angeles, 2017; British Art Show 8, touring, 2016; The Foundation, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Spike Island, Bristol and Chisenhale Gallery, London, 2015; Europe, Europe, Astrup Fearnley Museet, Oslo; Scaffold see Scaffold, The Showroom, London; Art Turning Left, Tate Liverpool; Mental Effort Before Action: 1-5A-5B, South London Gallery, London; A Factory As It Might Be (Bournville), International Project Space, Birmingham; Society is a Workshop, Banff Centre, Canada, 2013; and Chewing Gum for the Social Body, Tate Modern, London, 2012.

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